Sunday, 27 July 2014

Futuristic watch beams time onto your hand

Referred to as the "World's First Projection Watch ," the Ritot works by using an inserted pico projector ( another expression for "tiny projector" ) in the watch band to transmit out the time onto your hand . All you need to do is push the single button , and voila , your own hand lights up with the time in any of more than 20 different colors of light that you may customize using a base station . 

You can determine the watch to have the display disappear after 10 seconds , or perhaps you can leave it on permanently . The base station also charges the watch , enables you to set its time , and works as an alarm clock . 

Ritot may pair with your smartphone to deliver Facebook and Twitter announcements onto your hand ( which won't get annoying at all ) , as well as texts , email updates , and reminders . 

The water-resistant watch , which can be yours for a $120 pledge , is going to be available in two versions : the aluminum and also leather "bracelet" style along with the rubber and plastic "sport" style . As with numerous crowd-funded projects these days ( like the super awesome "Coolest" cooler ) , the Ritot possesses rocketed past its goal of raising $50 ,000 and is now in the neighborhood of $400 ,000 with over a few weeks left to collect even more backers .

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