Sunday, 20 April 2014

Review: Sony Xperia Z2

With various smartphone manufacturers launching flagship devices this season, it's simple to overlook the actual fact that Sony's Xperia Z2 comes just seven months after the Xperia Z1.

This most likely explains why they both look therefore alike. Tempered glass front and rear glass panels, aspect buttons, as well as USB, microSD and sealable SIM card slots (so that they can resist mud and moisture) all look similar.

It is hard to tell them apart after they are put aspect by aspect. The Z2, with its slightly larger 5.2-inch screen, is regarding 3mm longer, but is also zero.3mm thinner.

The Z1, which paired an elegant design with some nice hardware, was named Editor's choice for Best android Smartphone during this year's Digital Life Awards. The Z2 is just following abreast of that success, by creating some improvements.

Sony has additional a brand new IPS screen to the Z2. This makes the already bright colors on its Triluminos show stand out even additional once pictures ar viewed from an angle.

The 20.7-megapixel camera, which stood out on the Z1, now comes with 4K video recording, for sharper-looking 3,840 × 2,160 footage on newer ultra high-definition TV sets. however this applies given that you've got storage space to spare and an attendant 4K or ultra High Definition TV to play the footage.

The downside is that the phone heats up lots in 4K recording mode at round the two-minute mark, then cuts off altogether. the primary time i attempted it, my recording lasted 3min 39sec. On my second try, 5 minutes later, it lasted 2min 29sec.

The Z1 and Z2 cameras use the same device. Sony has fixed one in every of the biggest annoyances of the Z1, that is that the camera shutter lag.

To be fair, this lag in the Z1 isn't all that long. but if you're shooting photos of young kids, that instant will price you that priceless moment or expression that no quantity of additional megapixels will compensate.

Better night shots

Night shots have also improved with the Z2, showing greater color and clarity in dim lighting. several smartphone cameras tend to dial up the reading of light sources in dark conditions, that creates the result of getting pools of lights in the final image, with no discernible details in the object. The Z2's camera can find and differentiate between multiple pockets of light, to provide a sharper and more elaborated image.

Like the Z1, the Z2 packs the same camera features, just like the AR effect that inserts cartoon images into the picture, and Info-eye, that displays additional details regarding the object within the view finder.

Unlike the new phones from Samsung, LG and HTC, it does not have the choice to snap photos with multiple depth of focus, which permits users to refocus on various objects within the image shortly.

Instead, it's a background defocus possibility. This blurs the background whereas keeping the object within the foreground focused . A slider bar lets users determine the degree of background blur, but the app tends to blur out the edges of the foreground object as well.

One quirk with the camera app is that there is a small delay after you press the camera app icon.

As with the new HTC One (M8) and new LG devices, users will double tap on the screen in standby mode to wake up the device.

The feature, together with the ability to answer the phone by simply lifting it to your ear, or muting it by putting the screen face down on a table, is also on the market on phones from different brands, that explains why Sony isn't highlighting them.

An incremental upgrade

In terms of benchmarks, the Z2 scored a but stellar rating of 18,403 on the Quadrant standard benchmark versus 24,598 for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

There is little question the Z1 may be a nice phone which the Z2 will have enhancements.

But with hardware that's virtually identical and solely slight tweaks in computer code, the Z2 conjointly stands out as a example of associate progressive upgrade.

It is positively not consecutive massive issue from Sony.

If you've got the Xperia Z1, skip the Z2. If you're yearning for a strong automaton phone with a good camera, the Xperia Z2 may be a good selection.


Price: $998

Processor: 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801

Display: 5.2-inch Full HD Triluminos Display 1,920 x 1,080 (442 pixels per inch)

Cameras: 20.7 megapixels (rear), 2.2 megapixels (front)

Operating System: Android 4.4 (Kitkat)

Memory: 16GB, expandable microSD up to 128GB, 3GB RAM

Battery: 3,200mAh


Features: 4

Design: 4

Performance: 4

Battery life: 4

Overall: 4


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