Thursday, 13 March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone has been described as the super smartphone man has ever created. Well, this canbe one smartphone in its own category. If the current rumor are something to go by, we are getting ready towitness a smartphone which will have a lot of options and shapely to be higher than your portable computer. With nice enhancements in terms of memory, camera, RAM, property, style and alternative areas, this deviceare definitely worth the debates it's caused. Recently Samsung commented that they're conveyance Galaxy S5 smartphone in 2014 Q1. thence the great news for Galaxy S6 followers is that, Samsung would possibly bring itwithin the month of August or Oct, i.e in this autumn of 2014.

Undoubtedly, Samsung has these days been wedged in competition issues. This was when Apple launched their Apple iPhone 5S. This device has claimed high spot within the smartphone hierarchy. Moreover, there's no Samsung product presently within the market that's capable of competitory with iPhone 5S that has been technologically changed. the best graded Samsung smartphone within the market is that the Note three phablet. However, this phablet doesn’t escort the most recent technological options and so cannot claim the quantity one spot. so there's the requirement to introduce Galaxy S6 which will counter Apple’s influence.

Samsung is lining up three smartphones to be free this year alone. With Note four and Galaxy S5 lining it's nonetheless to be known however these 3 smartphones can notice their thanks to the market tired identicalyear.

Initial rumors indicated that Samsung might skip Galaxy S5 in favor of S6. This has not been the case since Samsung has already confirmed the producing of S5 smartphone. Then came the rumor that S5 would notice its means into the market in early Gregorian calendar month 2014 so S6 are often free early 2015. This has not been the case as none of the 3 smartphones has been free nonetheless.What has been confirmed is that Samsung is already functioning on Samsung Galaxy S6 that is meant to succeed S5.

What has been left is for us to take a seat back and wait and see what is going to unfold next. However, {we can|we will|we are able to} hope that the rumors of Galaxy S6 being free in 2014 are true.

Samsung has not leaked finer details of this device. However, there are expectations that analysts expect Samsung to satisfy during this smartphone. a number of the expected Galaxy S6 options include:-

A Exynos 8000 16-Core processor from Samsung
- Galaxy S6 will boost a 4GB RAM to ensure your multi-tasking ability is high tech
- This device will come with enough memory to ensure you have all the memory you need for your professional work. It will come with an in-built 128 GB memory that will solve all your memory problems.
- Display is one of the major areas that smartphones invest in and this device has invested in the 5.2 inch UHD Display or the 4K resolution. It is also expected to be flexible display. If this is true, this will be the first time a smartphone comes with a flexible display.
- Samsung has also capitalized of an improved camera with 8K resolution. The 21 MP with Ultra Pixel Sensor is the perfect camera for this device.

If these feature will indeed appear in this device then Galaxy S6 will definitely become the new king of smartphones in the world.

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