Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cozy Coupe kiddie car gets reborn as a working, full-size car.

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe has been a youth staple for over three decades. Regardless of the fact that you have no idea the name, you know the auto. It's a red plastic vehicle with a tall yellow top, all finished up in an adjusted plan and controlled by pedals. The main issue is that you're so enormous it is not possible fit in one. Unless you know the gentlemen at Attitude Autos in the UK. 

Technician John Bitmead and his mates used five months creating a full-estimate, road lawful Cozy Coupe, which is named the Toytown Coupe. It's red and yellow and runs on gas. You can't tell by taking a gander at it, however the auto began off as a Daewoo Matiz. 

About the Car 

The Toytown fits two mature people, however has no windshield, in keeping with the definitive rendition its designed according to. That can make it a bit of overwhelming to tackle a stormy UK day. Dissimilar to the toy form, the auto can get up to 70 mph. The mechanics committed over 1,000 hours and about $6,600 into making the car. 

Maybe the monster Cozy Coupe will motivate different creators to specialty grown-up measured forms of well known toys.

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